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Fine tune your skills.
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The only real faith is faith in Action!

Live your best life possible
no matter the obstacles!

Write your vision, business plans and more.

Make faith a lifestyle.

Ministry with a Twist you don't want to miss!


Welcome to Tri Action Life Center where Faith and Action Make It Happen!

Tri Action Life Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a lifestyle ministry with a twist! We are the unique activation station for people who are tired of talking about their dreams and are ready to try action — for a change — and make them happen! ​

Our mission is to help you put action to your faith so you can live your best life possible – no matter the obstacles! We provide practical knowledge, effective tools, and training designed to transform your passion into ACTION!  

Located in Stone Mountain, GA we outreach to all of Metro Atlanta and directly serve the Snellville, Lilburn, and surrounding communities with Personal Action Coaching, Custom Seminars and Workshops, and Performing Arts Training. 

Like many, you desire to grow spiritually, start a new business, get out of debt, write a book, or become a star for example but you don’t know where to start! Well you do now! Tri Action is here for you! Not to tell you what to do but rather to help you realize what you can do and devise a plan of action to get it done! Your plan will fit your day-to-day lifestyle and set your dream in motion. Together we minimize your weaknesses and maximize your strengths!

                      That’s called leveraging! 

Our training programs are no different! From beginners to pros our goal is to help make you excellent! If you need a vocal coach, dance class, choreographer, acting coach or acting lessons our instructors are seasoned industry professionals actively working in the business. We’re equipped to assess your current level and customize a training program that will comprehensively progress you to the next level. 

No more excuses! If you want it, try action for a change and make it happen! With God NOTHING is impossible!

Upcoming Events

During the COVID-19 Season Monthly Fellowships are held via ZOOM.

Join by registering below. 

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11:00AM ET,  10:00AM CT,  8:00AM PT

Click here to GO to our EVENTS PAGE and let us know if you are intersted in any of the seminars and workshops we offer!



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Thank you Pastor G and Pastor D for your awesome instruction in getting started on going after debt cancellation. Because of the instruction I received in your class the holder of my loans for my education, called me and instead of dodging the phone calls I faced it head-on. So, the Monday after the class I received a phone call inquiring about making arrangements for payment in the conversation I was telling the young man how I've been off work for the past year-and-a-half taking care of my mom without income he told me to let him look into it and he would call me back on Wednesday, well he did call me back, (on Thursday), as promised he had a offer, he emailed me papers for hardship discharge of payment, I filled out the papers with a simple two line letter that read "I received no income from employment in 2018".  That began the ball rolling and a week later I went into my account only to find that everything was zeroed out! to God be the glory one of my favorite scriptures was in play (faith without works is dead),  I put my faith in what I had learned and did the work and God did the rest, although I didn't receive cash my total loan for $68,683 and some change has been completely erased and I count it a true blessing, and started with the sacrifice of a Saturday and the favor on the Burgess'. Take full advantage of this opportunity and put it to work as soon as possible you won't regret it. -     B. Thomas

In her beautiful song "You deserve the Glory," Juanita Bynum stops to say "Can I get somebody to go back to just one testimony that you have that couldn't nobody do it... but God!"

So here is my testimony to God's overwhelming goodness.

A tither and giver for many years, yet I recently found myself in debt due to my dog needing emergency care, my own sudden need for medical care and a whopping bill for car repairs that didn't fix the problem. For years I paid on a loan that just wouldn't go away. I went to the Debt Cancellation seminar to get some tips on better money management. I read several declarations the night before about breakthrough and believing that the things standing in my way are gone. Now! Pastors Gary and Delores Burgess touched my heart in so many ways. They release a capacity for us to see by faith a way to live in financial freedom, and their testimony is mind-blowing! They conquered their thousands of debt in 18 months! After teaching us that endless credit charges and interest are not God's way,  they directed us to shred our credit cards, so I cut up my Master card.  After that, a person at the seminar asked me the amount of my debt and wrote me a check for $1000! Now come on, y'all know this is exceedingly above all that we can ask or think!  I am now a debt free woman!Nobody knew my heart but God.  I had almost been debt free before all these calamities came.  This was a flood of His goodness, the very thing I had spoken. What a tremendous seminar!  I will never forget this beautiful couple and the supernatural power they move in. I am humbled to say I have never met such overcomers and they give away their secrets to help us overcome the misery of debt, which they have thiroughly conquered. Glory be to God! With deep appreciation,



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    Our mission is to help passionate people put action to their faith so they live their best life no matter the obstacles.

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